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That’s what we we did

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The solstice, which occurs on 21st December, is an auspicious occasion that is celebrated around the world. It represents a turning point in the year, just as marriage represents a turning point in our lives and since the holiday season is meant to be joyous it can be a very happy time for a wedding!

There is much folk lore and history about winter solstice. Although it is the shortest day and darkest night of the year, from that day forward, the days will grow longer and the nights shorter. It is a time to celebrate the reemergence of the sun’s light.

The ancients would mark this time of year with rituals. They would light fires, make offerings to the gods and pray for the return of the light. They would even make noise to make sure the gods knew they were still there. Some say this was later translated to mean merriment!

A solstice wedding represents a promise of more light in our lives. It surrounds our whole family and friends in the light of love and it is filled with merriment and celebration.

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